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Tools to streamline setup, minimize maintenance, and reduce IT cost.


 Flexible PlanAnnual Plan
ContractNone1 year
Cost$5 / user account / month$50 / user account / year
Save $10 / user account / year
Payment frequencymonthlymonthly
User maximumunlimitedunlimited

Increased security

SSL enforcement for secure HTTPS access
Customizable spam filtering
Customize password strength requirements
Email routing and email gateway support
Customizable policies to filter email containing sensitive information
Email encryption using standard TLS protocols

Migration and integration tools

Manage multiple domains from one account
Email migration tools and API
Directory sync with LDAP systems
Email routing and email gateway support
Single sign-on API
User and group provisioning API
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Learn how switching from Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes helps you save money and reduce IT hassles.

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