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Customer Quotes

I don't know why you wouldn't move to Business Applications Suite. It gives you the ability to reduce costs significantly, improve productivity dramatically and make your business more competitive. There really is no downside.
- Walt Oswald, Corporate Vice President of IT and CIO

Business Applications Suite has enabled the company to reduce operating costs by approximately $350,000 annually and improve end-user productivity by as much as 5 percent.
- Sarah Alt, Sr. Director for Global IT Operations

Delta Hotels and Resorts
I’d estimate that Business Applications Suite has increased front-of-house user productivity by 10 percent.
- Michael Rodger, Director of Digital Innovation

The McClatchy Company
A team productivity leader, Business Applications Suite and its collaborative nature are really where we want to go.
- Terry Geiger, Director of Corporate IT

National Geographic
Business Applications Suite provides enhanced collaboration and flexibility, allowing users the ability to do their jobs any time, anywhere.
- Russ Little, Director, Software as a Service

Yeti Coolers
Despite geographical barriers, Business Applications Suite has allowed us to collaborate with remote employees in real time, and has became a critical component of our sales process.
- David Bullock, CFO

State of Wyoming
We are going to improve our mobility and collaboration by putting 10,000 employees on Business Applications Suite, saving the state of Wyoming $1million a year.
- Matt Mead, Governor

Hunter Douglas
Our IT Department is happy because now they can focus on more strategic projects instead of just maintaining servers, and our employees are happy because Google Apps is easy to use and accessible from any computer or mobile device.

- Brian Hobbs, IT Director

Brown University
We believe that Google Apps was a way we could connect our faculty with our students... and make a bigger difference on campus and around the world.
- Michael Picket, CIO

Indian Youth Congress
With Google Apps we will be better equipped to work with India’s youth and leverage the power of technology to conduct programs of local relevance and contribute to our vision.
- Rajeev Satav, National President of IYC

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