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Combining point-to-point calculations with miles or minutes functionality

Spectrum Enterprise Routing Module

Calculate routes, determine points within a boundary and move goods from one point to another at the lowest possible cost.

Travel routing helps businesses improve location analysis and increase driving efficiency. With the Spectrum Spatial Enterprise Routing Module you can enhance delivery networks, identify key target markets and determine store network locations as part of a gravity model. You can also assess a location’s risk by it’s accessibility to emergency services vehicles.


Find the nearest route

The difference between real world route travel distance/times and a straight line can be considerable. Spectrum Spatial helps organisations find the most accurate, nearest locations, taking into account physical barriers such as rivers or mountains as well as sparse transport networks in rural and semi-rural areas.


Identify route options and generate directions

The Enterprise Routing Module offers support for determining shortest and fastest routes and calculating distance or time for walking/driving networks. This enables organisations to apply business priorities within the server. Improve delivery times, conserve fuel and reduce vehicle wear with turn-by-turn directions, including way points and route geometries.


Calculate travel boundaries, times and distances

Calculate travel boundary isochrone / isodistance polygons to help your organisation determine areas that can be reached within a desired time or distance along a travel network. Travel boundaries enable you to increase efficiency and provide information for targeting and service eligibility. Calculate the travel time and distances between single or multiple start and end points. You can route from one point to another point or from one point to multiple other points, enabling multiple options to be rapidly tested.


Data Coverage

The Enterprise Routing Module offers off-the-shelf data packs including more than 25 country travel networks.

Enterprise Routing Module

Rapidly deliver point-to-point calculations - by time or distance using the Enterprise Routing Module.


Domino’s Pizza Case Study

"We are confident the changes we have implemented with the help of Pitney Bowes will not only help improve productivity through saving valuable time, but will also see an increase in revenue for both Domino’s and our franchisees.”


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