Nexsan Unity Hyper-Unified Storage

Nexsan Unity is the first and only Hyper-Unified Storage platform. Hyper-Unified Storage starts ― as other Unified Storage ― with support for advanced block and file workloads and then adds the rich capabilities modern IT teams demand and their users require. For Nexsan, this “Unified Plus” mindset means adding Dropbox-like sync and share, real-time file synchronization among distributed sites, and secure archive … all fully compliant with security protocols.

Second Generation Unity. The new Unity systems offer up to 40% performance improvement over previous similar models, more flexible configurations, and cost reductions. New all-flash configurations are now available to meet the demands of customers’ high performance applications, as well as hybrid configurations for the more cost conscious.

Enterprise NAS

Enterprise NAS (NFS, CIFS/SMB) for unstructured data and files.

High Performance Block

High performance block (FC, iSCSI) for structured data (databases and Exchange).


Accelerated RAM and flash caching for high performance.

Sync & Share

Dropbox-like file sharing and mobile access under IT control with enterprise-class security.

Multi-Site Sync

Multi-Site Sync for improved data availability and faster large file transfer.

Secure Archive

The most secure and cost-effective way to protect data and maintain strict industry compliance.

Ground Breaking Integration

Unity’s fully integrated private cloud is intelligent, patented software that enhances our enterprise-class unified storage plus Enterprise File Sync & Share (EFSS), Mobile Access, Multi-site Sync, and a Secure Active Archive client in a simple to manage and cost-efficient system that is fully compliant with security protocols.

Unified Storage

Unity supports Fibre Channel and iSCSI connectivity in addition to NAS protocols. HDD and SSD support can be tailored for the best mixed application deployment environment or all-flash configurations for high performance needs. The latest Intel® Xeon® processors and increased memory allow for more IOPs, lower latency, and power to expand and deliver performance up to 40% over previous similarly configured systems. Additional ports, connectivity options, and the support of SMB 3.0 provides greater configuration flexibility. For organizations facing extreme data growth or needing greater application performance, Unity scales from 6TB up to nearly 5PB.

Enterprise File Sync & Share

Users experience the ease of Dropbox-like sync and share and mobile access without the security vulnerabilities of keeping confidential information in a public cloud. Data is safeguarded under the control of IT with no need for VPN, managed file transfer software, or monthly costs for public cloud services.

Multi-Site Sync

Synchronize files of any size to multiple branches or remote offices using encrypted transport over standard internet connections. Local users enjoy higher availability and LAN speeds - dramatically improving productivity.

Secure Archive and Compliance

Optimize your primary storage with the Active Archive client that seamlessly integrates with Unity Active Archive to achieve regulatory and corporate compliance, and ensure your files are secure for a lifetime. Security features comply with corporate and governmental regulatory requirements including HIPAA, SOX and SEC-17.